Taste Twenty Trial - 5. Whyte & Mackay's whisky

Published December 4, 2010

Now, I’m going to have to be upfront and honest here, it’s not proper whisky. It’s a whisky and cola, pre-made and sold to me in a can.

I’m sorry in advance.

Whyte & Mackay can

I was browsing in the supermarket and stumbled across this whole section of alcohol that I hadn’t noticed before - the sort of pre-mixed cans as pictured above. There’s everything from rum to Jack Daniels to gin and tonic, and I was impressed. When I told Mr C about it, he was also impressed. In his day, kids drank cider. In my day, we drank Smirnoff Ice. Now there is a whole heap of choice out there.

Anyway, I’ve never drank whisky or rum before because… well because it sounds and smells pretty gross. I was browsing these shelves in the supermarket, and thought that one would make a good “new food” for me. Yes, alcohol counts as food, what of it?

I chose Whyte & Mackay’s simply because it has F1 connections, they’re a sponsor of Force India. This is the “Whyte & Mackay Glasgow Special Blended Scotch Whisky & Cola.” The can comes with cola pre-installed, and as a die-hard Coke Zero addict, anything labelled cola makes me nervous.

The can is shaped very much like a Red Bull can - the tall version with quite thick metal - and upon first taste, it’s worryingly like Red Bull cola. It has that sweet aroma that only “fake” colas can have. However, after a bit of further investigation, I can say that I really quite like it.

The longer I drank, the less cola I could taste and the more whisky I could taste, but I don’t think it would be a fair judgement on the whisky at all. It’s sweet and it’s aimed at people with a sweet tooth. It leaves no aftertaste, it has no burn, it’s just a pleasant, if rather sticky drink.

I can’t say I would ever actively seek this out again, but it has lowered my guard against the whisky inside. Perhaps I will graduate onto the harder stuff. Maybe just once. Maybe.

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