We should be on Apple commission

Published August 8, 2010

Recently, we found ourselves meeting up with some F1 fans - families of weary parents and gadget-hungry children - and we managed to sell several iPads to them. The kids just loved the iPad, whereas the parents were keen on the F1 Timing App - and it is pretty revolutionary.

Selling the iPad is actually really easy to do. My mother is a notorious technophobe, but I left her alone with an iPad for five minutes, and she loved it.

There were three particular apps that sold it to her.

Google Maps

Google Maps screenshot

Obviously, the Google Map application comes with the iPad right out of the box, but I hadn’t spent much time with it. My mother loves maps, so it didn’t take long for her to enjoy the touch and pinch action when it comes to scrolling around. Much easier than trying to work out how those Ordnance Survey things fold back together.

Also notable, she found the corner peel with the options underneath, which I hadn’t found myself. I didn’t know how to get to the options, but she went right to it. Good work!

All it needs is Street View, and I’m pretty sure she could while away many an evening in front of the TV playing around with Google Maps.


Weather Pro screenshot

I must say, I do love this weather app. Instead of waiting around for the end of the news broadcast to find out the weather for the next few days, why not whip out the iPad and find out. It’ll use your current location, or you can tell it where you’d like to look at. On the front screen, there’s all the info you’d need, plus some quite incredible graphs and charts.

On some of the other tabs, there are those moving maps of the entire UK, with moving clouds or satellite imagery to show you visually what’s going to happen over the next few hours.

I like looking at those, because it’s something that is in direct competition with the TV weather people, rather than simple temperature numbers and graphics of the sun or clouds.


Rightmove screenshot

My mother is the best person to have around if you are planning to move house. She loves to scour the papers and the web for potential houses, and this RightMove app is a gorgeous way of browsing the real estate market. The way the houses are displayed is good, and when you tap on a particular house, it brings it up in the front, with the photos available for scrolling through in a lovely touch-friendly format. It’s much better than browsing through listings on the website.

I don’t know how well the app fares if you have found somewhere you’re interested in and you want to go ahead and make contact, but I’m sure it’s just as simple as the rest of the app. Even if you’re not interested in houses, I do recommend having a brief look at this app, for usability reasons alone.

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