Couch 2 5K - Part 2 of more than 3

Published July 16, 2010

I had initially planned to split the nine week course into three blog posts of three weeks each (you can catch up with weeks 1-3 here). But this fourth “week” has taken so long to complete that I just have to blog it and get it out the way.

Week 4

Day 1

Wooo, now I can run five minutes at a time! Sort of. The shoes still rock (or bounce, I should say), and there were no aches today, except some kind of tiny recurring pain I have in the middle of my left thigh. Only appears after I’ve stopped. Found a new place to jog today, too, very peaceful, although today was a bit windy.

Day 2

Really, really bad. I don’t know what happened. The three minute sections were fine, but I couldn’t do the five minutes. Ended up doing about 90 seconds at a time. Is it a mental thing? Very disappointing. Didn’t give up though, which I suppose is the main thing.

Day 2 (Repeat)

I decided to do this one again because the last attempt was so freakishly woeful. This time I completed the whole thing without stopping which is brilliant. Granted, I was about as slow as Yamamoto, but I was working on the assumption it was a mental thing and that completing it was more important than doing it in style. Also, my iPod screwed up last time I synced and I had no music to listen to. Thought it would be awful, it was oddly peaceful. Might try it again some time.

Day 3

FAIL. It was a terrible day all round, I don’t know why I thought running was a good idea.

Day 3 (Repeat)

At least this time I managed to get to the finish, but it was NOT easy. Clearly I am getting less fit the more I run.

Whilst I am nowhere near giving up, which is in itself quite an achievement, I am pretty disheartened with this “week”. That twenty minute run has never seemed further away.

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