A splash of paint

Published July 16, 2010

We all know that I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I swore off it for a while, and when I returned I left the design as a default wallpaper - one you can get to under the settings tab. I looked on as many, many people put photographs and custom backgrounds on their Twitter account, and I never really felt the need to do the same.

Since the World Cup began and Tweetdeck had all manner of problems (not all brought on themselves), I started going to the website to tweet more and more. At least when you see a fail whale you know where you stand.

So, I rather quickly got bored of the bland design, and headed towards something rather strangely titled: themeleon.

Twitter palette

It’s really pretty clever. You can choose a pattern, and then pick your colours, or select a ready made palette of colours. I chose a stripy pattern, and fiddled around with the colours before giving up and going with a prepared set. I did tweak the link colour to be the same as the background though.

Ultimately, it’s very customisable. There’s even a tab for photos which I didn’t get around to investigating. I was more than happy with my new purple design.

Twitter new look

Also, as I tweeted at the time, it was nice that when you clicked Save Changes, it took you back to your Twitter account, with your new colours, and a pre-filled tweet promoting the service. BUT it allowed you the choice of whether to hit send or not. Phew. Given the choice, I did!

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