Le Mans 2010 - Not this time

Published June 13, 2010

The race isn’t over yet, but our dreams for a Montagny win really are.

The #2 car was leading but… well, Autosport tell it best:

Franck Montagny was on his out-lap from a scheduled fuel-stop when flames and smoke started pouring from the right side exhaust of his 908 at Tertre Rouge.

He tried to get the car back to the pits, but was forced to park it up at the side of the Mulsanne straight. He has remained by the side of car, still hoping to find a way to get it back to the pits, but the failure looks terminal.

I’m officially sulking and have decided Le Mans is rubbish. I imagine Franck feels the same. A quote from him:

I don’t know what happened with the engine. It goes always right, but exactly today it goes wrong. I don’t know what to say…

Me neither.

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