Baby Panda Thursday #60

Published June 24, 2010

I got an update through for the panda I adopted and the newsletter bore the headline: “Panda rescue drama.” Inside it tells the story of a panda that wandered off and became stranded on a steep hillside. A rescue team had to be dispatched to get it back. It says:

To stop the wayward bear becoming frightened, onlookers and other non-essential staff were evacuated from the site. The rescuers then climbed down to where the panda was located, and lured it away from the hillside with sticks of delicious bamboo. They soon managed to coax it back to the safety of the reserve.

Now, hey, I don’t want to make light of the situation, and the steep hillside bit does seem slightly worrying. But if all it takes is a bit of bamboo to sort the situation out, is it really “panda rescue drama”? I’m not so sure. It’s more like “panda rescued in time for dinner.”

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