The way things are done in Dorset

Published May 7, 2010

Whilst investigating potential places to visit for the A-Z Adventure, I came across this interesting event: the Dorset Knob Throwing festival. Now, I do try and be an adult most of the time, but sometimes there are things that you just can’t ignore. A section from the rules.

  1. Dorset Knob measured at final resting place.
  1. If Dorset Knob breaks upon landing it will be the umpire’s decision of final resting place.


As it turns out, a Dorset Knob is actually a kind of biscuit.

So, fine, I continued on my travels through the internet, in turns giggling to myself and sulking at having missed out on the Knob Throwing festival.

An idea popped into my head. Wouldn’t it be fun to visit the Guinness brewery for the letter G. Except the brewery is in Dublin which is technically not in the UK, and will therefore have to wait until the Amazing A-Z Adventure - Europe Edition.

I wondered if there are any interesting breweries I _could _go to though. In my search of breweries, would you believe what I found? The Dorset Piddle Brewery. That whole website is a minefield, and I think purposely so. The tagline is: I love a good piddle. Hmm. There’s even an image gallery, but I was much too afraid to click in there.

As mentioned above, I try and be an adult, but seriously, you can go to Dorset and enjoy some Knob and Piddle? This is getting weird.

However, to end the story on a happy note, someone brought some homemade Dorset Apple cake into work and it was incredibly yummy. I don’t think I’ll be trying the other stuff though.

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