The Archers - April 2010

Published May 7, 2010

Gosh, it’s been quite a busy month in Ambridge, hasn’t it? And it’s been all about the girls in April.

Pip has at least gone quiet now, after her ill-fated trip to Cornwall to check up on her boyfriend. Then he tried to kill her by recklessly driving around on a quad bike and now David has banned him from the farm. Phew. I thought it was all over, but I was disappointed. Ruth is now constantly moaning that she doesn’t see Pip anymore, as the girl is spending all her time at Jude’s. Is anyone else a bit confused that Pip isn’t allowed to come home after 11pm without getting an earful, is read the riot act for daring to drink a bit of alcohol, has managed to get her boyfriend banned from the property, but it’s perfectly acceptable that she spends all weekend over at his place?

Lillian still continues to stick by Matt, despite the fact that he clearly just wants her for her ability to head up his new company. I have no idea what she sees in him, but they clearly have something. Even so, she’s spending more and more time with the endlessly soppy Paul, and they even had a close call in a hotel room after a dinner dance. Will Matt get out of prison in time to keep hold of Lillian?

Alice got up her mothers nose by rearranging some guests so she could shack up with Chris. Supposedly, the cottage was hers - but is it really hers? I’ve seen a bit of confusion over whether she’s just provided for in the will or not, and even so, would she really mess about with the business like that? If it was her cottage, isn’t she just doing herself out of some extra money? Not that she needs it, I suppose. More information needed about how that setup works, please.

Helen was part of good news Wednesday! I thought it was a bit slow going towards the end of the month, and then all of a sudden, the shop gets a grant, Brenda gets a job and Helen gets the go-ahead for baby town all within the space of five minutes. She’s ecstatic, Tony is not.

Brenda also has a not-very-happy male to deal with. After everyone in the whole village spent days talking about Brenda’s interview as though it was such an alien and exciting concept, she finally got the job in Leicester. It’s quite a long way to commute, but she’s determined to spread her wings and get on with using her degree. Tom tried to be supportive, made the right noises, but it’s obvious he’s not happy about it. He wants Brenda to stay at home and cook and clean and be there when he comes back from the farm. He might have picked the wrong girl.

Kathi is a bit fed up with Kenton, and I can totally see why. He pays her no attention, has wacky ideas that he gets carried away with, would rather hang out with Jim, and when Kirsty came to visit he didn’t even offer her his hard hat. Manners these days.

A couple of bits just to finish with.

  • Despite the hard hat thing, Kirsty is now in a dilemma over whether to ditch Fallon for Kenton, in employment terms anyway. I like Kirsty.
  • Jazzer is jealous of the new milkman who knows about Twitter, YouTube and has set up a blog. I like his style.
  • Joe has convinced Eddie of yet another scheme involving a dodgy camping site. For a minute, I thought he was going to push for more underhanded business at Eddie’s market job. Let the poor man have a bit of luck, eh?
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