The obligatory LOST post

Published May 28, 2010

Only read this if you a) care and b) have seen the LOST finale.

Let’s begin with something positive. The two things that made the finale worth watching:

  1. Miles: “I don’t believe in many things, but I believe in duct tape.”
  2. The scene with Hurley asking Ben for help. Love Ben.

Now, I’m afraid, the rest of the post will be entirely negative, because… let’s face it. It sucked.

LOST mousemat

The finale as an episode in itself. Yawn. It was really slow-paced, from the very beginning with the coffin to the end with the church. We’ve been building and building up to some epic action-packed ending and what we actually got was some rock climbing, a couple of drinks of water, a piano concert, a fight on the cliffs and a plane taking off. Oh.

Several times, I was checking my watch, wondering why time was going so slowly, and I don’t remember the last time that happened watching LOST. I can’t figure out why they needed the extra time for the finale if that’s all they had to say.

And they didn’t say much, did they? I didn’t like the end in either universe. One was a complete cop-out, the other just didn’t do it for me. I knew I wouldn’t like it, my expectations were low, and even so, I was disappointed. I didn’t like the off-island stuff but I suppose it was one way of bringing the season to a close. It finished off that story arc and at least it answered the question of why they all kept bumping into each other, and how they were all going to get back together. I would have preferred it if the actual island did sink and somehow merge into the off-island and that reality became real. Because let’s be honest, Sawyer and Juliet are too cute not to be together.

The on-island stuff was way too drawn out. Ben was stuck under a tree for a good few minutes, and then magically he was out and about with no explanation as to how they managed to free him. Frank was sorting out the plane, and revving it up and down and finding problems and picking up survivers for much too long.

I was going with the Desmond/Jack/Locke thing fine, and even went with it when Hurley got involved. What I would have liked to see, though, is Jack turn into a smoke monster. He saw the light, just like the original smoke monster must have done. Then the epic battle would start all over again, except it would be Jack v Hurley, instead of Jacob v Smoke Monster. That would have been a cool ending.

But of course Jack couldn’t possibly end up being bad, he had to be a hero.

So, fine, they did what they did, the season is over, the show is over.


What about all the things they brought up for no reason? I have spent a long time buying everything Damon and Carlton said, that they knew where they were going from the beginning, that they had an explanation for everything, that they’d leave some things for the fans to discuss afterwards.

Some things? I’d like to see the list of questions answered compared to the list of questions raised.

I did have a plan to watch all the series again with the benefit of hindsight, right from the very first episode, so it would all begin to make sense.


Now, I have no desire to watch or talk about LOST ever again.

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