Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 9 - Cold Blood

Published May 30, 2010

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As human beings, we are pretty rubbish at negotiating for the future of the human race, aren’t we?

Doctor Who series 5 episode 9

The second part of this story didn’t really seem to capitalise on the first episode. There was an awful lot of setup and although I have nothing against the wrap up - it was all a bit formulaic. The humans failed, big style. Some people made some sacrifices and the Doctor managed to save as many people as he could.

The only notes I made were as follows:

  • Pretty slow paced
  • When Rory says: “You’re not dying today” it doesn’t work.
  • Good that it wasn’t a fixed point in time for a change.
  • Amy was a bit shouty this episode.
  • “We’re in the centre of the Earth and there are lizard men.”

Of course, the problem this episode had was it wasn’t about the story at all. It was about those last five minutes at the end, when everything happened.

First up, poor, poor Rory. Last week I thought I was really smart for realising that Amy and Rory were waving so that means she must survive the hole in the ground. They tricked me! That wasn’t the case at all, and more than that, it wasn’t Amy we should have been worried about.

I think there’s more to the fact that she doesn’t remember than because of the crack. Thinking back, the companions never really have great tragedy affecting themselves, do they? Otherwise they would just hand back their TARDIS key and never return. Rose’s family, Martha’s, Donna’s, they were all fine in the end. Amy has suffered a real loss this time round, just as she was beginning to realise that she loved Rory. They can’t let her remember, can they?

Which leads on to the crack in the universe. What is going on?

I thought it was fascinating that the Doctor shoved his hand in there. In the Russell T era, we had hints of the big bad throughout the series but even if our heroes noticed the signs, they never really got involved with them until the end. This time round, we’ve got the crack taking a significant part in episodes along the way.

How has he managed to pull out a piece of the TARDIS?

Lots of questions, and in the week that LOST really let us down, unanswered questions make me nervous. It’s okay, though, I still have faith. The Doctor will figure it out.

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