Franck gets a mention on 5live

Published May 13, 2010

During the Free Practice commentary for the Monaco weekend by 5Live, David Croft and Anthony Davidson discussed a certain driver that we all know and love (even more so because of this!)


Croftie: Sir Stirling Moss… very much enjoying the interactive tweeting that’s going on this morning and he sent us another tweet as well - thank you for this! He says in 1960, us drivers did 100 laps and we drove three and a half hours which required supreme concentration. Can you imagine, three and a half hours, around Monaco? Your eyes would be affected for weeks afterwards.

Ant: Yea, Franck Montagny at Spa last weekend drove for four hours and when he got out the car, I said ’eh, you can still stand up then?’ His first and only comment to me was: “I’m so hungry.”

Many thanks to Lukeh for getting the clip.

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