The Archers - March 2010

Published April 5, 2010

This month seems to have been about introducing new names, or at least bringing back returning faces. We’ve seen Lillian develop her relationship with Paul and we’ve seen Kate return… more on that later.

I think I’ll start where I left off, with Alan sleeping in a tent. The man got a wicked cough - I have no idea how you can act out something like that! I don’t know about anyone else but I was highly disturbed when Usha was chasing him down because she was “lonely” and I was quite relieved when the cough clearly made Alan less attractive. It’s nice that Jill got involved on the periphery, helping to save the vicar and make him see sense.

Hopefully, she will be able to do something similar with her errant family. The endless saga with Pip is a bit grating. Shock, horror, she’s growing up! She’s drinking alcohol and staying out to 11pm! The weird thing is, both Ruth and David know the more they push her the worse it gets, and yet they still keep doing it. I do not envy them parenthood, is all I can say.

I am intrigued with the growing relationship between Lilian and Paul. Are they setting up some kind of love triangle between the two brothers? Or is it a lot more innocent than that, and two people are just finding company in each other? You have to find someone special to wonder around London all day with. Either way, Lilian is clearly not comfortable with what everyone is going to think as she’s kept Paul as a secret from everyone - Matt and Jennifer most importantly. What worries me, though, is that Paul just appeared out of nowhere, and kept on contacting Lilian when she was just trying to be polite. Is he after something else? It can’t be money, as she’s been more than a little open about the amount Matt has to pay back.

Now, the subject that has dominated the month - Kate. I haven’t really heard much from Kate before, as I’ve been listening for only a couple of years, and she’s been in South Africa for longer than that. I know some of the back story, but I don’t understand her at all. How can she come back and expect Phoebe to treat her as though she never left? Skype (yay for Skype getting a mention!) isn’t exactly the best way to foster a mother/daughter relationship. I think Hayley has been more than a little restrained at some of the things Kate has been up to. You can see why she’s completely spoiled. Brian offers her money and gives it to her even when she declines.

Presumably the issues Kate has with her husband and life in SA will mean that she comes back. I also read that Emma is going to be played by a new actress - no more Felicity? Boo. Although it would be good to actually hear from Emma, who has been gone for too long.

Some little snippets:

  • I really heart Ian.
  • Why is Brenda with Tom?
  • Vicky really needs to shut up about cows.

Finally, inspired by Alex’s favourite quote from February, I was listening keenly over the last few weeks and came up with this.

Quote of the month

Helen and Ian are talking about Oliver and his attempts to help out at the hotel. To much raucous laughter, they ponder how he would fare as a chambermaid.

Helen: “Imagine the havoc he’d cause with a feather duster!”

How does Ian put up with her?

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