Superleague Formula - Round 1

Published April 5, 2010

The first race of the new season took place at Silverstone this past weekend, and it wasn’t really a success for our Franck, although it could have been a lot worse.

Things got started pretty well, with GD Bordeaux third in free practice - although the fastest car was up about two seconds on FKM.

Qualifying was hit by some wet weather, but I don’t know if that directly affected Franck. Firstly, I didn’t watch it, and secondly, I still don’t really understand how it works. Nevertheless, Montagny qualified 14th out of 17 cars.

I did watch the two races on Sunday, though. The first event was a disappointment, as FKM had an issue with the driveshaft on the warm up lap and never actually started the race. Race two was better. It’s a reverse grid but as Franck hadn’t started Race 1, he was right at the back of the grid.

Superleague Round 1

On the first lap, he made up a couple of places and by the time the 40 minutes was over, Franck had moved up to 8th place.

Girondins de Bordeaux are 14th in the championship with 23 points ahead of Galatasaray, PSV Eindhoven and Liverpool FC.

The next event will be on the weekend of May 15th in Holland.

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