The Archers - February 2010

Published March 1, 2010

For a moment, I thought the Annette/Baby/Leon/Helen storyline was all done and dusted. Helen kept on shrieking until Annette left, and then Helen told anyone and everyone who came in to the shop exactly why it was that her young friend had fled. I read on the message boards someone who consumed The Archers via the email synopsis of each show, and assumed they were a couple from her scarily clingy nature. I can totally see it!

So, now that Annette has returned to the safety of her grandmothers (still can’t figure out why she didn’t go there in the first place), Helen is left with a gaping void that can only be filled by a baby. Note Tony’s reference to her illness, her wanting to be in control, and them not wanting to return to that. I have a feeling we might.

Poor Phil finally died, then. I really didn’t like the conversations about him as though he was still there, when we all knew, of course, that he was not. He was scurrying about buying a blazer, for goodness sakes. Although it is very sad, I am relieved that the storyline has finally caught up to real life. I’m also super impressed with how Jill is handling her grief. Granted a breakdown every now and again, it’s nice to see that she hasn’t just crumbled into a mess and been weeping all over the place. The funeral episode was incredibly moving, though.

Keeping in the family, then, it’s hard to overlook Pip and her new boyfriend Jude. 28 does seem a lot older than a 16, almost 17 year old. Whilst I wouldn’t go as far as being on the parents side (come on, it’s David and Ruth!), I can’t imagine the relationship is going to be long-lived. Love is blind, though, especially when you’re a precocious teenager. Ruth is right when she says that interfering could drive the couple closer together, and I’m sure that’s what is about to happen.

Just a couple of small notes to finish:

  • I do wish Kirsty would have a bigger part. I think she’s interesting. Bird watching is not, of course.
  • Thank goodness Neil ended up in charge of the parish council. Even if he was a bumbling mess as he chaired the meeting, with David as his right hand man, he’s not going to go far wrong. Imagine what kind of chaos Linda would cause!
  • The vicar is sleeping in a tent for 40 days. Madness.
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