More film stuff than you can shake a stick at

Published March 24, 2010

I apologise for the multitude of Film Watch posts recently. I’ve been trying to catch up and sometimes it’s just easier to sit down and schedule a load of posts for the following few days. One of my New Year Resolutions was to reach Film Watch 50, and I think that is going to be achieved fairly soon.

Perhaps after that I can work on the going outside thing.

I also wanted to point film fans towards Lukeh’s review posts. He’s done two so far with three films apiece, the first features District 9, the second features Lost in Translation. I have seen one of the films he’s reviewed so far! Go me!

Talking of which, I was perusing the IMDB Top 250 movies ever, and noted that I’ve Film Watched about ten of them. Is it wrong that I’m impressed with that?

I also downloaded the IMDB app for my iPod and it has already proved useful. Now, answering the “Who’s that guy? What have they been in?” questions is even easier!

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