Christmas with The Archers

Published January 6, 2010

The storyline with Pip wanting to leave college is really annoying me. I can understand David and Ruth’s reluctance for their daughter to make a rash decision, and the compromise of giving it another go for one more term is a good one. But they are so dead set against her leaving, praying that she’ll have changed her mind before another term is up, it makes me cringe. I did exactly what Pip wants to do, began A Levels but found it a waste of time so I left and got a job.

For a girl who knows exactly what she wants to do and presumably has a plum job just waiting for at home - why can’t she get on with it now? Compulsory education isn’t everything, and there is always the opportunity to pick it up later. It’s never too late.

I’m a bit surprised that the Helen and Leon story is over now. Perhaps I am too used to watching TV soaps like Eastenders where nothing stays secret for very long, but Annette isn’t actually going to get away with it, is she? I can’t stand to hear Helen fawning over her, knowing what a two-faced rat she really is. Having said that, the not-so-subtle references to Helen not eating must be leading up to something - so there could be another Annette-shaped blow for Miss Archer in the future.

On a side note to that, Ian really is too good to be true, isn’t he? He didn’t once say I told you so to Helen, and he leaves dinner for Adam every night whilst the poor bloke is out lambing. Plus, I am remembering a while back when he got punched in the face and didn’t want to do anything about it. Saint Ian?

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