Where's my news item?

Published January 5, 2010

A few weeks ago, I left Twitter. I was a sporadic Twitterer anyway, but I did like reading the updates from everyone and keeping up with people I otherwise probably would not.

I gave it up for many reasons, but mostly because all the changes that have been made recently take away functionality for the way I use Twitter. They are obviously focusing on the general public now, and that means making Twitter mainstream, instead of leaving it how it was.

I understand the need for change, but how hard is it to leave in the option to keep using the old way. The three main things that bugged me were the change to replies (which was ages ago but I still can’t get over it), the retweet thing, and the fact that I was seeing tweets in my feed that I was not subscribed to.

That appears to have been a bug that they have yet to resolve. I wonder if they haven’t been messing about with retweets for so long that they can’t quite get the original functionality right.

Anyway, I was fed up moaning about it, and had listened to a few podcasts where they kept repeating the phrase: “If you don’t like it, don’t use it.”

I figured that it was probably better that I took this advice. I miss it, I really do, but it certainly has taken away one small irritation in my life!

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