The right to change one's mind

Published January 14, 2010

Ah, hmm, well, this is quite embarrassing. I quite recently wrote a post about swearing off Twitter, and naturally, after making such a fuss about it… well… I’m back on Twitter.

So, moving on.

It appears that my old installation of Smarter Than… was hacked and the feed essentially ruined (thanks to John for alerting me to the fact). Something weird was happening with the site a while ago as well, so I have bitten the bullet and decided to head on back to the hosted Dealing with self-hosts is always a pain, and aside from the lack of theme choices, the dot com version seems to work as well as you’d hope.

Now that I have learnt about the shortcodes that allow video embeds, I’m less bothered about the switch - although it does mean having to take a look at old posts and find out whether the videos still work or not (I’m guessing not.)

I’ve sorted out the domain mapping fun and games, so I’m not entirely sure how much changes - you might need to resubscribe to the feed, you might not. I’m good at this stuff.

This is such a radical change from the way I was when I started blogging. Back then, I had little to say, but I was determined to make a great website, coded from the ground up, with HTML and CSS and PHP. The switch to Wordpress as a CMS was a wrench that took months to decide upon, but now I can’t even be bothered to host my own words. I have more to say, now, though, so the focus is on content, speed and basically, whatever is the easiest way to be published.

Perhaps that’s why I went back to Twitter as well.

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