Movie clips are Paramount

Published January 2, 2010

Ooh, at last, something from the movie industry that is both progressive and good! Presumably in an attempt to both halt the many unauthorised film clips available, and perhaps monetise it along the way, Paramount have opened up a site that allows you to select a clip from a movie, and purchase the licence to it.

From the article where I learned of such things:

Paramount will initially restrict use to business customers — advertising agencies, mobile carriers, foreign broadcasters — that want to license pieces of films for commercial use. The plan is to ultimately open the site to consumers. People wanting to embed a specific scene from “The Godfather” on their blog could go to and buy it.

The service reflects a renewed effort in Hollywood to create fresh content from existing libraries, much as ring tones became a blockbuster offering for the music industry. Movie and television studios, suffering from a steep drop in DVD sales, are hopeful that serving up clips can become a business in itself while also stoking demand for the films in their entirety.

The article also points out that pricing is unknown at the moment, and whilst it might be more expensive for business use, it could follow the ringtone model and be under a dollar for personal use. I suppose it would depend on the movie, the length of clip, and which licence you require.

There’s also a video on the site itself - although seems to redirect to another site called It appears to be one and the same thing. The video doesn’t give much more information, except a small preview of how you can select the clips from the movie. It looks like fun, I can’t wait to try it out.

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