Renault rumours

Published November 20, 2009

I have been holding off blogging about the Renault talk in the hopes that they might actually announce something, but it doesn’t look like there will be anything forthcoming for a while.

So, the talk is that Franck confirmed he had spoken to Renault about a potential seat with the team next year. Add to that the speculation that the team will want to rebrand and reinforce their French heritage, then it starts to look quite good for our hero.

I refuse to believe any of it or get my hopes up, and the quotes attributed to Franck don’t give that much away. He was talking to Radio Canada and said:

I did not expect to find myself on the list, but this is a real, we have discussed it a lot of times. I’ve concentrated on my racing programme, although not especially on F1 because I’m not there any more, but surprises can happen. We will see how it goes at the end as it’s still very early.

Meanwhile, in news that we do know about, Franck was testing for Peugeot and Michelin recently, and having a pretty good time by all accounts:

Needless to say that when it’s about tyres Franck knows what he’s talking about. When he was a test driver for Renault, there was no limitation for the testing sessions and two manufacturers were competing in F1… so he had to carry a lot of tyre testing and he just loves it! It’s all about pure performance! You just test one new set after another and you have to make the most of it… exciting for sure for our FKM!

Another mention of Renault - people will talk! Oh wait, they already are.

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