Mrs P joins the fold

Published November 21, 2009

You’ll remember how excited I was when I received my first Etsy purchase in the post, and welcomed Mr Panda to the home? I showed him to my mother who was impressed.

“Why don’t you make him a girlfriend?” she said. “You could get the materials from the craft shop, some felt, some stuffing, a bow to make it a girl. It would be really easy to do.”

“What you’re saying is, you want to make him a girlfriend, don’t you mum?”

And so she did.

Mrs P Stage 1

We discussed various ways of making her a girl, including making various bits pink, adding eyelashes, or maybe just a bow. We settled for a bow and some pink feet.

Mrs P Stage 2

As it turns out, the shop only had white and pink felt and no black felt for the ears. Instead, mum used black foam, which is basically the same but a little firmer. I actually think I prefer it, as it makes Mrs P’s hands easier to pick up.

Mrs P Stage 3

Then it was just a matter of putting the main body together…

Mrs P Stage 4

…and adding the finishing touches. Mr Panda and Mrs P together at last.

Mrs P Stage 5

The day after my mum handed her over to me, I spotted that the original Mr Panda creator had made the official version. It looks much more of a match, but I do like the oddities of my Mrs P.

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