Now we're back together

Published October 27, 2009

As podcasters, we made the exexcutive decision to invest in two gym balls to use as seats. Okay, we did it because Leo does it, but it is good practice. They tend to squeak less than chairs do, it’s good for your posture and generally speaking, an hour or two balanced on a gym ball is better than the same on an office chair.

In some recent organisation, I had to let the air out and store the little white stopper plugs until such times as we re-inflated them. When that time came, I managed to plug one of them but upon reaching into my bag for the second stopper, it wasn’t there.

I was horrified. Firstly, because I had been clever enough to save them somewhere safe. Secondly, because I couldn’t understand how I had only managed to lose one, and finally, I had just blown up the whole ball and had to let it go down again.

We discussed whether you could get replacement stoppers, or if we would invest in a new ball. I was even more annoyed at myself, despite the fact it wouldn’t hurt us to have a spare one in case the worst happens.

Fast forward a few days, and as I am hurrying to my car, I notice a small, white, thing piece of plastic on the tarmac.

No. Way.

Gymball plug

I can only imagine that the stopper/plug thing flew from my bag one day when I was pulling my keys out. I was amazed it would have survived that long, as there is quite a lot of traffic around, and we’d also seen some rain. Clearly it has been battered by the weather and by some hefty tyres, but there it was, bright as anything, having avoided slipping down a drain.

It has survived, not exactly unscathed, but potentially useable. I haven’t had a minute to test it out yet, but I will let you know whether the poor thing still works.

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