They don't teach you this at podcasting school

Published May 20, 2009

The main thing they should teach you in podcasting school is that sitting on a gym ball is very good practice. Firstly, it helps with your posture and, you know, it’s better than hunching over a microphone all day. Secondly, it doesn’t squeak or creek, as most chairs are known to do.

I can’t stand sitting on ours for more than about ten minutes at a time, but my podcasting partner in crime makes use of the gym ball during most of the live sessions we stream. He got the idea from our idol - Leo Laporte.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go right, not even for idols, and that can lead to some amusing consequences. I present to you, Leo and the amazing disappearing act:

Two things:

  1. How professional to have a spare!
  2. I love that the reaction is: “At least we caught it on camera.”
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