Like lemmings, but different

Published September 17, 2009

People, I have found a new game! It’s been a while since I subjected you all to the addictiveness of I Love Traffic, and the wackiness of Skywire, so I thought it was time I shared another gem with you.

This time we’re talking about Meeblings.


At first it looks like a lot of random coloured blobs on the screen, and actually… that’s exactly what it is. It ever so slightly resembles the addictive Lemmings, in that you have to save the Meeblings by getting them to the Way Out sign. The non-orange Meeblings provide you with ways and means to do this. Click and hold on the yellow ones to drag all the blobs towards that particular Meebling. Click on the pink ones to reverse gravity. A grey one switches any electrical items on or off (normally fans). The green ones in the above picture, well, they grow into trees. I haven’t really figured out why yet.

It sounds nonsense, but the games I provide you with usually are. As you can see, I am only on level 16 of the original Meeblings game, and I know there is a sequel out already. Have a go, let me know what you think and how you get on.

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