Print is dead

Published August 13, 2009

Part one of a media-related post on our sister site Sidepodcast.

Linking makes the social, well, more sociable and without it conversation takes considerably more effort. Which is why we know print is dead. It’s been a long time coming, but social networking has finally rendered the printed page obsolete.

Remaining marginally rational for a moment, it’s probably worth adding that the length of the printed material and the type of content held within appears to have a bearing on just how dead it might be. Short passages of content would seem to be first on the chopping block. Quick snippets of content are easily replicated online. Longer pieces may earn a reprieve, and a novel’s worth of content might hang on for a long time to come. Equally print’s lifespan could be categorised by type, with news being the first to suffer, while fictional content may survive in print format for many years.

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