Jealous? Moi?

Published August 9, 2009

I mentioned the Best Job in the World previously, worrying that the successful candidate - Ben Southall - will find it difficult to top his six months in Australia.

What has occured to me now is that I can’t bring myself to read the blog. I subscribed to it as soon as the blog went live, because I was one of those who followed the selection process with interest. The tourism department who dreamed up this idea did an amazing job because finding the right candidate for the dream job created a media frenzy and plenty of the desired marketing.

But, once the position was filled, it seems as though things have died down somewhat. Who wants to read about a guy getting so many wonderful experiences? I know the idea is to introduce people to all the great things you can do around Hamilton Island but to me, it is pictures, videos and words from a man who gets to spend six months on holiday and be paid for it.

We cared about the selection process, but do we care about the job now?

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