Anything but down

Published May 15, 2009

An article on the BBC Magazine caught my interest, as it talks to two former “Miss…” winners, ie. Miss Great Britain and Miss Universe. The questions put to them cover what they have been doing since their title expired - now that they are “Former Miss…” instead.

Mostly, it seems that the beauty pageant concept is much bigger outside of the UK. In the US, it appears to open certain movie roles, and modelling work. In other countries the titles are held in high regard and offer celebrity status for no real reason.

A former Miss UK Universe (what is that?) says:

The first few months after I finished my year in the role was a difficult time for me, it was my lowest point. I was at a loss about what to do next. But the role gets you an immediate profile for not doing very much at all and I knew I should make the most of that.

This also got me thinking about Ben Southall who won the Best Job in the World competition. Six months of snorkelling, sunbathing, blogging and networking does sound like pretty much the best job in the world (if you like that sort of thing). The question is though, once his six months is up, what does he do then?

Anything after the best job in the world is going to be a big letdown, isn’t it? He can’t go stacking shelves, or driving a truck. I heard that part of the decision to pick Ben was because he brought publicity with him, and had done a great job of marketing the event by himself - which is the point of the whole exercise anyway. It sounds as though a job in marketing or the media awaits him.

But it won’t be the best, will it?

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