Animal magic

Published August 4, 2009

Here are some more of my favourite photos from our visit to the West Midlands Safari Park:

Lion sits at West Midlands Safari Park

As I alluded to in the previous post, the lions were quite popular, and the traffic backed up as we got towards the corner of the park where they were all resting. Considering how long it took to get near them, it’s only fair to come away with a great picture like that.

Close up of eyelashes on deer

There were several parts of the park where you didn’t have to keep your windows rolled up and your car doors locked (because tigers can pick locks apparently?), and when that happened, you were also allowed to feed the many different deer type creatures. I was trying to be okay with that, but you know, the idea of animal saliva all over your car and more importantly, your hands, with nowhere to stop and clean up, makes me shiver.

Head of giraffe visible above green grass crest

Although we got many close ups and some great access to unusual animals, this particular photo is my favourite. We weren’t quite in the giraffe enclosure yet, but this head popped up over the crest of the hill from a good distance away. It did make us laugh. Up periscope!

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