Walk with the animals (well, drive actually)

Published August 3, 2009

This past weekend, we visited the West Midland Safari Park. It hadn’t actually been part of the plan, but sometimes visiting animals you wouldn’t normally see is the only way to brighten up your day.

Rhino at West Midlands Safari Park

There were the usual deer type animals, some buffalo, and plenty of zebras and things. It was the rhinos and elephants that we enjoyed seeing though.

It was interesting that as we were going round, the cars piled up when we got to the lions. It was impossible to get anywhere, and we spent at least twenty minutes making our way past the big cats. Now, lions are exciting, I will grant you that, but when there are elephants just around the corner? No competition.

Elephant at West Midlands Safari Park

I didn’t want to be flippant about it, but you can see lions and tigers at most zoos, whereas I’ve never seen a real life elephant before.

I thought the elephants were the highlight of the trip, as the park has them right at the end, saving the best till last. However, you have to go back through another section and past the giraffes.

I can safely say this is the best photograph I’ve ever taken in my life.

Two giraffes against a cloudy sky

The sky was dark, the sun was out, and the giraffes posed. They made it easy for me. I did have to wait for them to stop fighting - which was a bizarre sight full of bendy necks and head butting - but it was worth it.

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