Rain won't spoil this Picnik

Published June 12, 2009

Back in December, I discovered Picnik, an easy to use photo editing web app that pretty much made my day. Just recently, particularly with the introduction of my gardening pictures, I have returned to Picnik and love it even more than I did last time.

The best thing about Picnik is that it is unbelievably easy to use. If you are editing a lot of pictures, or particularly massive ones, it may be a little too slow. For heavy use, I imagine it could be frustrating. However, for simple pictures, one off retouches, and really easy functionality, I think Picnik is for you.

Picnik screenshot

My five favourite features, that are inevitably not exclusive to Picnik but done really well there:

  1. Easy rotate. Quite often my pictures are wonky (ie. the horizons are not a straight line). There’s a really easy rotata feature, where you can flip it one way or the other, push it 90 degrees at a time, or adjust the rotation with a slider. Perfect for my wonky aim.
  2. Resize with proportions. You can use the actual numbers or relative percentages, but my favourite thing about resize is being able to check the box to keep the height and width proportions in sync. It’s a big bugbear of mine to not have the ability to do this.
  3. Crop. The crop feature brings up an overlay on your original picture with the rule of thirds grid on top. That way you can crop and grid your picture the best way you know how, especially if you’ve missed doing this when taking the photo in the first place.
  4. Unbelievably easy to use arty things. Picnik have two features - Edit and Create. Edit has the above features and more, whilst Create has the fun stuff, like changing to black and white, adding effects, and my favourite, a vignette.
  5. Export to computer and Flickr. These are the two options I use, but there are many, including Facebook, Twitter, and straight to the printer.

So far, my Flickr account is now full of indoor gardening pictures so I haven’t purchased the premium version of Picnik yet. However, I fully intend to do so this summer as we try and head outside to take more photos. Hey, maybe we could go on a picnic!

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