Le Mans - Afterwards

Published June 18, 2009

Finally, there is word on the official FKM site regarding the Le Mans race. A couple of days ago, The Joker (site admin, I believe) posted reaction to the 24 hour race.

On the entire day:

Sweet and sour… that’s what these 24 Hours in Le Mans taste like. But with three podiums for his three last participations, I think the stats and figures are pretty good! FKM wants to win in Le Mans. It didn’t work this year, that was pretty close though, but for sure he will keep fighting and he will make it for sure!

On doing things differently:

Franck wouldn’t be able to do anything more, even if he had to race again tomorrow the 24. He would do exactly the same thing, race the same stints… He may just try to have two fibulas instead just one but that’s it!

On what’s next:

Franck will probably be racing in Portimao in Portugal. Peugeot will be racing with two cars and should provide the drivers line up for this Le Mans Series event pretty soon. Fingers crossed, Franck will be there!

Also, can I just say a big YES for the site having an English version now? Saves on the Google Translate nonsense.

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