Another way to enjoy audiobooks

Published June 18, 2009

Recently, I have been making time to record more stuff for Librivox. The collaborative book that I was co-ordinating is nearing completion, so I have started a new solo effort, and am participating in some of the other group projects as well. More on that another time, what I am here to say is that a rather cool iPhone App has been rocketing up the application charts. It is simply called Audiobooks and it lets you listen to Librivox books on the go.

Audiobooks App

Now, granted, you can download or subscribe to all the books any way you want from the Librivox catalogue or via iTunes, but this is another option for those with iPhones or iPod Touches. I have neither but as some of my own work is on there, I encourage anyone who has a penchant for listening to the spoken word to check it out.

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