The Great Gardening Adventure

Published May 23, 2009

Following on from my post about being a little bit more green, I decided to try my hand at growing some plants. As I pointed out previously:

I don’t have a garden, I live in a flat, and I can’t grow things. This can only end well. I am shopping for seeds and… whatever else one needs to garden this week, so I will report back on my progress.

I roped my green-fingered mother into visiting a garden centre with me, and at first I had modest plans. Maybe a few seeds and a bowl and that would be good. However, did you know there’s some pretty cool stuff in garden centres?

I ended up buying a specially produced patio growing bag thing, the compost to go in it, plus potting plants and the tools I would need to keep them alive. One thing of note, which demonstrates my significant lack of gardening knowledge. Round the garden centre, my mother is giving me tips:

Me: Okay. How do I know if they need watering?

Mother and Expert Gardener: You just feel the soil. If it’s damp, it’s okay. See the difference between these two? This one is dry.

Me: Ah yes. It’s dry because it’s not wet.

A great start, I’m sure you’ll agree. Let’s move on.

Step One

Gardening ingredients

Hauling the compost around was not a fun deal, but what can I say? I suffer for my art. I must admit that this wasn’t a cheap initial outlay, but I’m hoping that when there are fresh veggies to be enjoyed, it will all be worth it.

Step Two

Gardening layers

It may just be me, but putting these bags together was a bit like making a trifle. Firstly the bowl went down to collect water and any wayward soil. Then the bag, then the gravel. Compost next, one layer of plants. More compost, a couple of sticks, and some more plants. Eat when done. Well, not yet, of course.

Step Three

Gardening watering can

Because I am basically gardening in a bay window, my list of required tools was limited. I got a trowel and a watering can. Unfortunately, I wanted small items as well, which led me to the children’s section but thankfully, we found indoor gardening equipment which saved me from buying a Noddy branded can.

Step Four

Gardening finished

I guess the next step is waiting?

In one bag, I have the vegetables, which include some tomatoes, bell peppers and a cucumber or two. In the other, the strawberries are ready and waiting to grow delicious and red, plus a few bell peppers left over from the first bag.

I also bought some lettuce seeds which didn’t seem to fit with the pink bag vibe, so I will get some kind of bowl for them later on and get some leaves growing in the kitchen.

Gardening potential strawberry

My mother promises me that this little green hairy thing will turn into a strawberry if I look after it properly.

We shall see.

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