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Published May 2, 2009

I have just read up about Jason Calacanis’s new podcast called “This Week in Startups” or perhaps TWiSt for short. From the original blog post about the new show, Jason says:

I’ve spoken with my good friend Leo Laporte about using the name “This Week in Startups” (or “TWiSt” as he called it) and he was so magnaemous [sic] about: telling me he doesn’t own the “This Week…” brand and that he would support me in any way.

What a guy.

The thing is, Leo is the nicest guy in podcasting - full stop. I think you would be hard pushed to find a nicer guy, and so, there isn’t a chance he would complain about this. Never mind the fact that you can’t actually copyright something like: “This week in…”

I understand the need to capitalise on such a great network as TWiT, and I know that Jason has been exceptionally popular on the Leo show. I have listened and really, really enjoyed his insights. However, this seems to be a real kick in the teeth for Mr Laporte. He invites guests on his show, even if it sometimes causes some controversial incidents, and then they turn around and say, “by the way, I’m gonna use the name, thanks, bye.”

I’m sure the conversation went a lot different to that, but it just seems like there could be a much better name in the wings. From Calacanis’s point of view, wouldn’t it be better to either get in bed with Leo, or distance yourself as much as possible. “Startup Stories” or “Let’s Startup the Very Beginning.” Those are two pretty poor ideas after just a moments thought. A brain such as Jason’s must be able to come up with something much better than that.

Even if it’s not meant to be, and even if Leo gives it his blessing, anything beginning with “This Week in…” now screams of copying the TWit network, or of one not doing their homework properly. Must try harder.

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