Why The BBC Blog is halted

Published March 22, 2009

The short answer:

There were three Baby Panda Thursdays in a row on this blog.

The long answer:

I wrote The BBC Blog for a month and it was great fun. A lot of it was repeating press releases, and although it was good learning about things as I wrote them, and sourced pictures for them, there’s no reason I can’t just subscribe to the BBC Press Office feed and learn that way.

The only pieces of value were the so-called editorial articles, and there is no reason they can’t appear on this blog. In fact, the last one did. I was worried that this site was getting too BBC orientated and those needed their own space. It turns out this blog is about things that interest me, and topics come and go.

Therefore, I’m stopping. It’s still there, and it was a great experiment. I learnt a lot and loved it. Now, let’s get back to the Pandas.

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