Franck second at Sebring

Published March 23, 2009

Argh, it was just so disappointing. I was looking forward to posting a picture of Franck on the podium but he looked so utterly miserable, I couldn’t bear it.

They got off to a really bad start, when the car had to begin the race from the pitlane after developing problems. Franck was the first behind the wheel and had soon made his way up to third. The number #7 Peugeot didn’t finish race distance, coming to a halt in the closing stages of the race.

Franck drove an incredible race, with the commentators over at suggesting that he and McNish were in a class of their own. Bourdais also held up very well, putting in some of the fastest laps of the race during a stint on fresh tyres.

Tyres turned out to be the problem in the end, as Franck’s last stop saw him come away without fresh rubber. This meant the stop was shorter with the aim of coming out in front of Mcnish - who still had to stop once but for fuel only. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out, and the tyres weren’t good enough. McNish romped away in front, stretching out enough of a gap to pit and come out comfortably in the lead.

Franck, Le Seb, and Stephan had to settle for second place.

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