New look weather account

Published March 2, 2009

After months of development, the BBC have launched their new Weather website, which is designed to have a lot more customisation, and be simpler to use.

The first thing that strikes me is how much brighter and more welcoming the site appears, which is an intentional change. Of course, the design has also been implemented to ensure that the pages fit in with the rest of the new BBC look.

Navigation is easier, forecasts are organised by location, and the breakdowns are much more useful. There are three-hourly forecasts to cover the next 24 hours, and these should be updated more regularly - with information being provided from the Met Office in a more timely manner.

The graphics have changed, the video content is being promoted heavily, and as mentioned, personalisation is the big aim.

Head of Editorial Development, Pete Clifton says:

This is a fantastic transformation of our BBC Weather site. It really does justice to the tremendous range of data, video, mapping and expertise we have, and I’m certain our weather-loving audience will find it an engaging, user-friendly experience, come rain or shine.

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