Five reasons I'm leaning towards Twitter

Published March 21, 2009

Way back when, Twitter was hugely unstable and we all defected to Now, Twitter has bolstered it’s infrastructure, and even with the mass invasion it still seems to be holding up nicely. So, I started watching people on Twitter, then I set up my identica username on the site and shared the dents/tweets across both platforms. Now I’m starting to think that Twitter is the place to be, and here’s five reasons why:

  1. More people. Not just more people on there, but more people know about it, talk about it, and it’s generally an accepted thing. Whilst quite a lot of geeks are upset that Twitter has gone mainstream, I’m kind of enjoying the popularity at the moment. (Still not enjoying the BBC pushing it, though.)
  2. Better apps. Twhirl will be the death of me. The end.
  3. Widgety Goodness. There’s a nice widget which I have now installed in the sidebar of this very site.
  4. Better design. If I’m not using one of the many desktop or mobile apps, then the website has a much easier interface to use. The recent redesign was not received well. To put it politely.
  5. Better apps. Did I mention the apps? There are at least four decent Twitter apps for Android, and not a single one for denting.

I had it figured out where I would dent something, and it would be pushed to a tweet and a Facebook status update (is there a ridiculous word for that too? Faced or something.) Now I’m pondering switching that around so that Twitter is the first stop on the journey.

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