Paul Gambaccini wants Moyles gone

Published February 20, 2009

Paul Gambaccini is a respected writer, broadcaster, knowledge on music, and is quite a presence on Radio 2. However, he holds nothing back when it comes to opinions on his colleagues, particularly when they hit the headlines over potential wrongdoings.

Back when the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross saga was ongoing, Gambaccini was quick to suggest the pair of them should be taken off air permanently. He had a case of “I told you so,” suggesting that hiring Brand in the first place was just asking for trouble.

Now, with the row over Chris Moyles’s Auschwitz comments, Gambaccini wants to see another DJ get his marching orders.

I find his continual presence on Radio 1 unacceptable. Chris Moyles should be gone. His recent comments about Auschwitz involved real people and their ancestors. That is no joking matter for them. To encourage this or sit by whilst it happens is unprofessional. He has done it so many times. He has no sense of responsibility.

Gambaccini was lecturing at Oxford University when he made the speech regarding Moyles, but aimed a lot of his misgivings towards the people behind the scenes.

I am nauseated by the Radio 1 press office constantly rationalising his behaviour. If we do not get our own house in order, then sooner or later somebody else will and they might break the furniture in the process.

The BBC have admitted that Moyles has been spoken to about the comments, and they regret any hurt caused by his words. According to Gambaccini this simply isn’t enough.

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