Mitchell mouths off

Published February 20, 2009

I first heard of when Wil Harris mentioned it on TwiT with Leo Laporte. It sounded like a great project and I was enthusiastic about it until they adopted the tagline: “The UK’s Finest Video Channel for Switched On Men.”


Anyway, I ignored the site for ages, but couldn’t help noticing when they started showing up on the iTunes chart. First it was a series with Robert Llewellyn about machines, robots and things. I had a look but the production value wasn’t that high, and I didn’t watch more than a couple.

Then I spotted the new video series: David Mitchell’s Soapbox. I think Mr Mitchell is brilliant, and was impressed that the site could get such a great signing. For 20 weeks, David sits down for a weekly three minute rant about whatever is bugging him. It’s very scripted, and would probably work better as audio, but I love it. Here’s the first one (and the best of the three, so far, in my opinion).

I’m really dreading when the 20 weeks is up already.

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