Formula One coverage details

Published February 24, 2009

Today, the BBC announced exactly how they plan to cover the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship, after the sport returns to the channel after 12 years.

The press release promises the coverage is the “most comprehensive in the history of the sport”, and capitalises on red button facilities, and the online platform. The idea behind the coverage is for it to be as customisable as possible, with fans getting the choice between in-car cameras, split screen action, a choice between TV or radio commentary, and plenty of live action on the website.

In more detail, the TV coverage includes:

  • All 17 races live on BBC One
  • Every qualifying session live on BBC One (Brazil on BBC Two)
  • All races and qualifying sessions that finish before 1000 to have full repeat on terrestrial TV later in the day
  • One-hour evening highlights programme on BBC Three (1900 for all races except Brazil)

Red Button services:

  • All on-track sessions live, including practice, qualifying and race
  • Choice of three different streams on race day: The main network feed with a choice of commentary from network and 5 Live; Split screen comprising: main network feed, in-car camera and leaderboard; or rolling highlights
  • An additional one-hour, post-race, interactive analysis programme with Jake Humphrey, David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan

Website coverage:

  • Multiple live video streaming, which will mirror the video and audio streams available on the Red Button
  • An extra high-quality video stream – for the first time you will be able to watch near-televisual quality video of all the action; extending the high quality iPlayer experience to live F1 coverage
  • Latest leaderboard
  • Live text commentary
  • Votes – fans have their say on the big talking points
  • Extensive post-race video highlights

The site will also be bumped up to include up to date news, analysis and features, including word from Murray Walker.

Mobile offerings:

  • Latest news, results and standings
  • Live text coverage of all race sessions
  • Video highlights

For even more information, take a look at the Press Release.

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