Disney: The dream home

Published June 30, 2008

Disneyland is the host of a new “Home of the Future” - an interactive tour through a house chock full of technology you can only dream about.

The Gizmodo story has tons of pictures, and CNET have a fab video. It is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. The best part, in my eyes, is the wardrobe mirror thing. Even though I am not your typical girl, and most days I get dressed in the dark, the idea of trying on an outfit without having to make the effort appeals to me no end.

The official website is here, and is full of fun facts:

  • There are 73 individual, digi-frames and 26 wall-mounted digi-frames. The ones on the wall change depending on which family member is in the room? (How does it know? Freaky.)
  • The largest screen is 100" in the Family Room.
  • The house makes use of Windows Vista (boo), Xbox 360, and Microsoft Surface.
  • It takes less than a second for the glass separating the house from the yard to switch from clear to opaque.

Like the Gizmodo story says, it’s a blatant advert for HP, Microsoft, etc, but at the same time, you can’t help but be in awe of all that technology crammed into a 5,000 square foot space.

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