Usefulness vs. use

Published February 27, 2008

Another tech dilemma:

I want to make more Sidepodcast Diary episodes. They are designed to be quick and easy to produce with minimal effects. The very essence of the Diary is that it’s just an upload to YouTube and that’s it. No RSS feed, no fuss, it’s a snapshot of life behind the scenes at Sidepodcast.

I have been using a little camera, now I’ve been using my mobile and the quality is acceptable if not great. I import the raw footage and edit it in Adobe Premiere Elements.

I can just about get what I want done – the most recent uses some black and white, a little bit of texture, some speeded up stuff – all the basics.

But there are limitations. I can’t vary the volume of audio, it only allows a fade in and a fade out. There aren’t that many effects, and they’re not that easy to control.

Maybe I need something better than Elements.

If we ignore the fact that I’m going to buy a Mac this year, I’m now in a dilemma. I can’t justify spending money on editing software because I don’t use it enough to make it worthwhile. But at the same time, maybe I don’t use it as much as I might because I can’t always do what I want. If I had more options to be more creative, perhaps there would be more diaries.

As always, I’m assuming that the Mac is going to solve this problem and be the answer to my prayers.

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