Twitteracious or something

Published February 27, 2008

Twitter appeals to the short-form writer in me. I used to run a site called 101 Words, which essentially a short post every day about random stuff, but that was crucially 101 words long. Exactly.

It became quite an art to fit all your thoughts for the day into 101 words.

Twitter is the same kind of thing. There’s something about having a short space to get your message across that makes it a much easier place to share things. You don’t feel like you have to explain things, because let’s face it, you couldn’t even if you wanted to. There’s no room to go into detail, people are either going to get it or they’re not.

I started a Twitter account for F1Minute that features the latest Formula 1 headlines condensed into 140 characters. Sidepodcast also has a Twitter account which is more of a brief insight into what goes on at Sidepodcast Towers.

I haven’t really got involved in the social side of things too much, the occasional message to and from other Twitterers is about the extent of it. We’ve got plenty of followers and we follow plenty of people as well, but I think there comes a point where it’s just too many people, and now I can’t keep up.

Anyway, I was looking for a desktop application to make Twitter easier to use, and I found Snitter. The name isn’t that great, I grant you, but the application is amazing. It’s based on the Adobe Air framework and is really beautiful. It’s seamless to use and a great way to stay on top of things.

My only complaint is that it only manages one account. At the moment I use it for the F1 Minute Twitter, whilst Sidepodcast is relegated to the browser.

Also, does anyone know if you can use the same mobile on more than one Twitter account as well?

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