I heart Franck

Published February 5, 2008

Hello everyone, welcome to the I <3 Franck blog.

The mean old man over at Sidepodcast won’t let me talk about Champ Car (even though they have sidepods too!), so I’ve created this blog to worship at the feet of my new favourite CC driver: Franck Montagny.

I say my new favourite CC driver as if I had one before, but quite honestly, I know absolutely nothing about Champ Car. I watched a programme about it once, where Katherine Legge was trying to get a race seat, but I think it was an old show from about 2005 or something like that.

So, when Franck gets a drive (when and not if), I will have to learn as I go to try and understand what’s happening. It’s highly unlikely this blog will be updated as much as Sidepodcast, because apparently that’s the priority (whatever!) but I’ll pop in whenever I have something FKM related to say.

For now, I will leave you with the first picture I ever took of the man, before I even knew who he was.

Franck Montagny at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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