Find the colour, sight and sound

Published December 30, 2007

Picture the scene:

You enter a bustling Apple store, full of giggling teenage girls snapping pictures of themselves and uploading them to Bebo. Everyone is there buying gadgets with their Christmas money and planning what they’ll get in the January sales.

You are buying some software, which you have had to ask an assistant to fetch from the back of the store. You are waiting by the Genius Bar.

A woman approaches a Genius and the following conversation ensues:

Woman: Hi. This is going to sound really girly, but I have a problem.

Genius: Go for it.

Woman: I came in yesterday to buy an iPod Nano, and I couldn’t decide which colour I wanted. The guy I spoke to said I could purchase two, try them out, see which colour I wanted and then return the one I didn’t.

Genius: Okay. So you want to return an iPod?

Woman: Actually, I want to return them both. I didn’t like either colour and I want a different one instead…

Your sales assistant returns with your product and you are forced to turn your back on the conversation and reach for your credit card. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see the Genius’s eyes bulge out of his head and smoke pour from his ears.

You know a product has become mainstream when the only major problem with it is which colour to choose.

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