Christmas was ruined but not by the Grinch

Published December 28, 2007

In the good old days, I used to enjoy television at Christmas. Actually, let’s rephrase that, I used to enjoy television full stop.

My dad has always been one for guessing plot lines before they happen, working out the twists, the jokes, even the next words out of an actor’s mouth. It was quite annoying, but I guess if you can see these things, you want to share them.

Since we started podcasting, specifically video podcasting, we have been studying television programmes and production in general to see what we do that’s the same, what we don’t want to be doing, and where we need to head in the future.

It’s always fun to pick out holes in the plots of dramas, mysteries, or whatever, but have you ever sat down and picked holes in the production?

If you haven’t, let me advise you now: don’t! You will never be able to stop.

Christmas was always a time I would wait anxiously for the TV Guide, pick out all the things I wanted to watch, search for when Mary Poppins was on - because let’s face it, it’s not the festive season without a lady flying in on an umbrella.

Now, as New Year approaches, I’ve seen most of the programmes I wanted, and they are all ruined. Ooh, look at the terrible green screen on that! Oh no, the lighting there is terrible. I can see the microphone cable, that’s awful.

If I was myself from the past visiting myself now, I’d probably punch myself in the face. Thankfully, my television buddy doesn’t mind, because he’s just as bad, but if we watch TV out in public, I’m going to have to tape my mouth shut. TV is ruined!

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