Blogathon 2006 (18 of 48): Update

Published July 29, 2006

So, how’s everybody doing?

I was really having a good time an hour or so ago. I was updating and listening to some podcasts, reading and commenting on some other Blogathon participants, and even sponsoring some other people.

I’m actually quite amazed at how quickly the time passes between posts. You just manage to get one written, you surf around to see who else has updated and what they’re saying. Check to see if there’s any news on the Blogathon homepage, any new games to play, etc. And by that time, you’ve got ten minutes to write the next post and get it updated.

Thankfully, so far I am not running out of material, although as I get more tired, it all starts looking less and less relevant and/or promising.

I’ve been watching a film for the past hour, and it’s now 10:30pm. I’m starting to get a little tired, and am probably a bit cranky from doing the same thing for the past eight hours. Thankfully, there is no one else around to hear me whine.

I think I need a drink, a break from the screen, and then I’ll be back with some more posts in half an hour.

Keep up the good work everyone.

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