Football fever

Published June 6, 2006

A few days ago Wayne Rooney kicked a football.

Yesterday, David Beckham got on a plane.

Today, Frank Lampard drank some water.

This is what constitues news at the moment? World Cup fever has seriously gripped everyone. There is no escaping from it. It’s in the news. It’s on the television. It’s in every single advert ever.

An advert break on television now may contain only one advert that doesn’t mention football. Even the National Lottery are cashing in on the craziness, by saying “Buy a ticket and it might take your mind off the football.” Yea, right. I’m not that stupid.

Have Mars Bars really renamed themselves ‘Believe’ for the tournament?

And all the television programmes have been postponed, moved, cancelled to make way for the games.

I’m patriotic (although we’re never going to win) but this is just ridiculous. It’s like Christmas Fever, only for football instead.

Mr C keeps telling me that it’s only every four years, and we’re second favourites to win this year, and this and that.

I don’t mind the football. It’s the marketing that goes with it that bugs me.

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