Daring to be different

Published June 2, 2006

A friend of mine from work is jumping out of a plane today… on purpose… for no apparent reason. The plane isn’t going to be on fire, and he’s not going to have to jump out to survive, apparently this is all in the name of fun. And charity.

Thankfully, he will have a parachute, and a whole other qualified person strapped to his back, so he is likely to make it to the ground in one piece.

Surprisingly the British weather is being kind and it looks like he’s picked a very good day for it. Good luck to him!

When he came round the office with his sponsorship form (which, I would have signed anyway, but I think was a bit mean because you could hardly say no!), I looked at the page I was on and every single entry read £5. I decided to be a bit original and put £7.50 instead. Okay, so it’s costing me a bit more, but at least I’m different.

When I came home and told Mr C about the jump, he said he wanted to sponsor him as well. I thought this was incredibly sweet, because he doesn’t know the guy, won’t be able to watch the jump and is essentially giving money to a stranger. But like I said, it’s all for charity.

And you should have seen my friend’s face light up when I told him he had another sponsor to add to his list. Sometimes it pays to be a little bit different.

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